For physicians

Treating people with cancer

Inobrodib has been evaluated in an extensive Phase I/IIa campaign, with patients participating in the US and Europe. Current recruitment is focused in the UK.

The drug has been evaluated for tolerability and efficacy in both solid tumours and haematological malignancies. The current focus is on relapsed refractory multiple myeloma, as well as some other specific haematological malignancies.

Inobrodib is being evaluated both as monotherapy as well as in combination with other standard of care agents.


Current Studies

The haematological malignancy programme (NCT04068597) is led by Prof Tim Somervaille of the Christie Hospital, Manchester.

The solid tumour programme programme (NCT03568656) has been led by Prof Johann de Bono at the Royal Marsden Hospital/Institute of Cancer Research, London.



If you believe your patient may benefit from treatment with inobrodib but they are not eligible for one of our clinical trials and they have exhausted alternatives, pre-approval access may be an option for them.

Please refer to our Expanded Access policy for further details