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    Inobrodib in the clinic, to treat specific cancers

Inobrodib is a first-in-class oral anti-cancer drug that targets twin tumour drivers, p300/CBP. It is a small molecule, formulated as a capsule taken orally, in Phase I/II clinical trials.

p300/CBP are twin (paralogue) acetyl transferases and gene activating proteins that are known to play an important role in the progression of certain cancers.

Inobrodib is a novel drug which inhibits p300/CBP by binding to the twin proteins’ conserved bromodomain. This impacts the growth of specific types of cancer.

CellCentric’s pioneering drug is in clinical trials to evaluate its effectiveness to treat late-stage prostate cancer, haematological malignancies (blood cancers) and tumours with certain molecular drivers (over-expressing AR or MYC; or with a p300 or CBP mutation). These represent major clinical unmet needs, delivering a new therapy for patients that otherwise have few alternatives.

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Great to have many of the core team together; working with our partner clinicians, hospitals, consultants and CROs, to advance inobrodib, our pioneering p300/CBP inhibitor.

Our clinical development leadership at ASCO. Pioneering p300/CBP inhibition to treat specific cancers. Inobrodib now in Phase II.

CellCentric’s clinical & scientific leadership will be as ASCO 2022. We continue to advance our pioneering p300/CBP inhibitor to treat specific cancers. #ASCO22