Inobrodib; oral first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor drug

CellCentric is a clinical stage biotech company; science driven, patient focused. We lead in the inhibition of p300/CBP to treat multiple specific cancer types. Our aim is to develop our first-in-class drug, inobrodib, as quickly and as effectively as possible for the benefit of patients.

About inobrodib

Inobrodib is a first-in-class oral anti-cancer drug developed from concept to clinical trials, by CellCentric. It has an innovative mechanism of action that targets twin tumour drivers, p300 and CBP. It is a small molecule, formulated as a capsule to be taken orally, with the potential to stop and reverse cancer growth in some of the most difficult to treat oncology indications.

Clinical trials

Developing inobrodib to transform cancer treatment


A first-in-class oral
anti-cancer drug

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