Inobrodib; oral first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor drug

CellCentric is a clinical stage biotech company; science driven, patient focused. We lead in the inhibition of p300/CBP to treat specific cancers, notably relapsed refractory multiple myeloma. Our aim is to develop our first-in-class drug, inobrodib, as quickly and as effectively as possible for the benefit of patients.

About inobrodib

Inobrodib is a small molecule which disrupts the growth of cancer cells by inhibiting twin gene activation factors, p300 and CBP. It binds to a specific part (the bromodomain) of the twin proteins. It is highly selective and does not impact similar pockets on other proteins. Inobrodib displaces p300/CBP from specific parts of chromatin, reducing the activation of genes involved in tumour progression, including IRF4 and MYC. The drug continues to be tested in clinical trials, where it is showing promise particularly in treating patients with drug resistant multiple myeloma.

Patient preference

Many new cancer treatments are complex and require significant hospitalisation time. Inobrodib is an oral drug that can be taken at home. This is a key patient preference, allowing people to feel more in control, and less burden on their families. Tolerated and easier to administer drugs also help address health inequities, ensuring greater uptake by the widest communities.

For Patients

Developing inobrodib to transform cancer treatment

For Physicians

A first-in-class oral
anti-cancer drug

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