About us


CellCentric is focused on the development of a pioneering novel oral drug that inhibits p300/CBP, to treat specific cancer types, notably multiple myeloma

Our mission

CellCentric’s mission is to transform outcomes for people living with specific cancer, as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our strategy

From a scientific foundation in epigenetic research, the company has explored multiple potential novel targets and mechanisms to treat cancer. The company’s strategy has been to focus on the best of these new opportunities, in terms of biological understanding, medicinal chemistry and targeted patient populations that could benefit. CellCentric is now fully focused on the strongest opportunity identified, the clinical potential of inhibiting p300/CBP with a novel oral drug.

Through deep relationships with multiple leading centres of excellence, collaboration has been at the heart of CellCentric’s approach to research, and now also to progressing inobrodib through clinical trials. We also engage with patients and patient representative groups to better understand their needs and priorities.

Our story

The history of CellCentric

Our team

Meet the team behind CellCentric and inobrodib