CellCentric is a drug discovery biotech company identifying novel small molecule inhibitors to key pathways involved in the progression of cancer

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About us

At CellCentric, we are developing new treatments for cancer based on our understanding of epigenetics. Having investigated over 50 potential drug targets, we are focused on small molecule inhibitors against histone acetyl transferases p300 and CBP.

The primary clinical indication is for the treatment of the aggressive form of prostate cancer (CRPC). Our inhibitors also have a targeted role in combatting tumours that harbour either p300 or CBP gene mutations. These are often seen in lung, bladder and haematological cancers.

CellCentric was a pioneer in the emerging area of epigenetics and its application for drug discovery. We have collaborated with over 25 leading research centres worldwide, aggregating information and exploring multiple drug targets including methyltransferases, demethylases and deubiquitinases. Some of this work has been licenced to other parties.

We are an asset-centric business comprised of a core management team overseeing outsourced research and development with leading contractors and partners, predominantly in North America and Europe.

CellCentric is focused on taking lead candidate drug CCS1477, into the clinic for multiple indications.

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