CellCentric develops novel small molecule inhibitors to combat cancer

p300/CBP bromodomain inhibitors

Our science

Our work draws on a foundation in epigenetics and its application to novel drug discovery.

We are focused on developing first-in-class inhibitors of p300 and CBP, twin paralogue histone acetyltransferase (HAT) proteins that play a critical role in gene regulation within cancer cells.

CellCentric’s small molecule drug candidate binds to the conserved bromo-domain of p300/CBP, and significantly reduces the key drivers of castration resistant prostate cancer. These include the androgen receptor (AR), AR-splice variants and c-Myc.

Targeting p300/CBP is also relevant to the treatment of other cancers including haematological, lung and bladder.
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Our team

CellCentric’s team has deep experience of drug discovery and development, as well as business collaboration

The company is asset-centric, with a core team operating with a diverse range consultants and specialist contract research organisations

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CCS1477 aimed at prostate cancers resistant to 2nd gen anti-hormonals (enza, abi, apa). pic.twitter.com/rZf5XugCfw

PCF Challenge Award underway investigating CCS1477 and p300/CBP bromodomain inhibition for prostate cancer. pic.twitter.com/4A0Z5pU0tQ