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Andrew, Nigel & Steve, in partnership @PCR_News, recently delivered a webinar for patients on Demystifying Clinical Trials.  Blog: cellcentric.com/updates/blog-n… pic.twitter.com/cqz86Y3GFz

Delighted to work with @PCR_News on their webinar series for people with cancer. Andrew, Nigel and Steve talking clinical trials this afternoon: prostate-cancer-research.org.uk/living-well/no… pic.twitter.com/lPGG3356OD

Science driven / Patient-centric. Andrew & Nigel will be presenting next week @PCR_News Future of Treatment seminar series. See: prostate-cancer-research.org.uk/living-well/no… pic.twitter.com/CvYoJ1zgWA

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We will be in person at #ASH21 Dec 11-14, Atlanta. CCS1477, our first in class p300/CBP inhibitor, in clinical trials to treat haematological malignancies. pic.twitter.com/yOuaruQcRz

With our clinical trials now running in the US, delighted to welcome DK to the team. Deep additional medical expertise of novel cancer drugs in Phase I/II. pic.twitter.com/hMKsQZpQdx

Based its mech of action, CCS1477 is in clinical trials to treat specific cancers, expanding to include rational combinations with other drugs. pic.twitter.com/dacLckakQu