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CellCentric’s CEO, Will West: The Sunday Times Maserati 100 leading innovators & disruptive entrepreneurs 2019. #maserati100 pic.twitter.com/DwKpEgqiWX

CCS1477 driven through innovation; from basic research through to delivery into the clinic. pic.twitter.com/dOT5p2Vsy1

CCS1477: from basic research through to the clinic, catalysed by a 2013 @innovateuk award gov.uk/government/cas… pic.twitter.com/mUuv8UuP4K

CCS1477 continues in the clinic for late stage prostate cancer: testing dose and scheduling. Haem study to follow. pic.twitter.com/bZEQlfVWlG

AACR, Atlanta at the end of the month. New data being shared on first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, CCS1477. pic.twitter.com/zbMarwuhjr

CCS1477 now being tested for prostate cancer (CI: Johann de Bono). Haems to follow (CI: Andy Davies). pic.twitter.com/C0KpYInYvi

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