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Inhibiting p300/CBP disrupts key pathways involved in cancer progression and can also address tumour drug resistance. pic.twitter.com/FbyUuWSgvD

CellCentric NW moving soon to new space, as our clinical development team and activities expand. pic.twitter.com/IIih0uMWxj

CellCentric’s first-in-class inhibitor, CCS1477 binds to the conserved bromodomain domain of p300 and CBP. pic.twitter.com/FYqdAGZBtE

Epigenetic-related target: novel drug: potential patient benefit. See new website section: cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/XZAn8cvzN0

Pioneering epigenetic research through to a first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor now in the clinic. CellCentric at a glance: pic.twitter.com/H1fvoiwdCN

CellCentric was co-founded with epigenetics pioneer, Azim Surani of the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge. pic.twitter.com/xt2N8RoJOg

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