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CellCentric is presenting CCS1477’s translation from mech of action to clinical application at TFDD next week. kisacoresearch.com/events/transcr… @KisacoRes pic.twitter.com/88IK4VIurE

New research paper (Xu et al.): potential of p300 inhibition to treat prostate cancer, incl. re-sensitising tumours to late stage drugs. cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/early/… pic.twitter.com/SsF6ltZj7z

Our latest corporate deck is on our website: 3 strands of clinical development for our first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor: cellcentric.com/company/corpor… pic.twitter.com/Zx7AJ3RGVg

The mechanistic reasons behind our three strands of clinical trial activity. See our blogs, from target to drug to patients: cellcentric.com/updates/blog-n… pic.twitter.com/StKZgyaosc

As clinical trials resume, delighted to have approval to accelerate CCS1477 testing for cancers with specific molecular drivers (incl. lung, bladder, breast..). pic.twitter.com/vxR9HOddba

As patient recruitment re-starts into our 3 strands of clinical trial activity, a big thank you to the wider team, during these tricky few months. pic.twitter.com/n5NkipRoh0

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