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Will is attending the Cambridge #AZexchange today. Fantastic line up of speakers; collaboration and the Cambridge cluster. pic.twitter.com/yDb4qdt69D

CRUK has an excellent website pointing cancer patients to appropriate clinical trials, including those involving CCS1477: cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/f… pic.twitter.com/ChAWRL6WJt

Great to announce our partnership with Prostate Cancer Research @PCR_News. Hearing the patient voice. Blog: cellcentric.com/updates/blog-n… pic.twitter.com/tKn5zaqy3F

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Our new website reflects our expanding clinical activities; prostate, haem, targeted tumours. cellcentric.com Many thanks to @onespacemedia pic.twitter.com/DZuU14kvml

Delighted to announce $33m of further funding; continuing to progress our first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor CCS1477, in clinical trials for multiple cancer applications. pic.twitter.com/pzxlzz2mmd

Neil and Nigel (virtually) at the always excellent Prostate Cancer Foundation Retreat over the next 3 days. pic.twitter.com/NjVknIyWW0