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Interesting to see the new paper by Liu et al. on p300/CBP inhibition, PD-L1, and the treatment of cancer: nature.com/articles/s4138… pic.twitter.com/ERyrtLUQ6u

Regular virtual core team meetings now up and running (some IT glitches still to address..). Productive working from home. pic.twitter.com/1K1FPGXdoJ

Many thanks to our amazing sites, CROs & consultants supporting patients who remain on our clinical trials in this challenging time. pic.twitter.com/yjQQmitQcO

Our priority is to support our clinical study sites as much as possible, and our clinical trial patient volunteers. pic.twitter.com/1ps7R81jKM

The CellCentric team is pausing foreign travel and reducing face-to-face meetings for the time being. pic.twitter.com/QKBudyhTBC

Tomorrow, Tue 25,11am, Nigel presenting on CCS1477 and targeting p300/CBP to treat cancer. Alderley Park Sci Seminar: alderleypark.co.uk/events/2020/2/… pic.twitter.com/P2Ho58JlYy

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