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CellCentric’s clinical & scientific leadership will be as ASCO 2022. We continue to advance our pioneering p300/CBP inhibitor to treat specific cancers. #ASCO22 pic.twitter.com/SciCvWzilS

It’s international clinical trials day. Inobrodib is in Phase II to treat specific cancers in the UK, US and EU. Thank you patients, clinicians, clin ops team! pic.twitter.com/kHwD7bDV2Z

Proud to be a recent addition to the ACS BrightEdge investment family, aligned on the mission to defeat cancer. Latest report: brightedgefund.org/system/uploads… pic.twitter.com/3tqUCk4ek5

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CellCentric at LSX next week. Fuelling the progress of inobrodib, our pioneering p300/CBP inhibitor to treat people with cancer. @LSXLeaders pic.twitter.com/x4uBPZkFY9

Delighted to be working with FarmHispania, expanding manufacturing capacity of inobrodib for our expanding clinical trials and beyond. pic.twitter.com/6plo2q5OoZ

Delighted that Kris is now part of the leadership team, enhancing our biomarker work, as inobrodib transitions to Phase II clinical trials. see: cellcentric.com/company/team/k… pic.twitter.com/AwbyKMVtwk