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Delighted to participate at the Life Sciences Council. Talking UK biotech research and drug discovery. pic.twitter.com/JsKU7Cqylf

Our prostate cancer clinical trial design has a poster at ASCO. Johann de Bono, Chief Investigator. #ASCO19 pic.twitter.com/tiYMCFTQB1

CellCentric in Chicago, end of May for #ASCO19. CCS1477, our first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, in the clinic. pic.twitter.com/AFhtzp5X7a

CCS1477 in the clinic for late stage prostate cancer. MHRA Reg approval for haem trials received: AML, MM and NHL. pic.twitter.com/sk2KzmuHBY

As our clinical programme expands, so does our team. Welcome Ruth! cellcentric.com/company/team/r… pic.twitter.com/nIwLoHpBuH

CCS1477 p300/CBP inhibitor: sustained anti-tumour effects post dosing, in multiple pre-clinical models. pic.twitter.com/GPy5dIW6Rh

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