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AACR 2021 online. CCS1477 was presented as a New Drug on the Horizon in 2019, Atlanta. Now in multiple strands of clinical trials. #AACR2021 pic.twitter.com/hj59FDLuUl

Targeting p300/CBP to treat cancer continues to gain interest. CellCentric’s first-in-class inhibitor CCS1477 in mutliple strands of clinical evaluation. pic.twitter.com/FQoU7jf7DW

New paper on abiraterone and p300/CBP @DrPhilKantoff et al. CellCentric’s p300/CBP inhibitor is in clinical trials +abi to treat prostate cancer. clincancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/27/7/2… pic.twitter.com/XqkNdluR4G

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Many thanks @neerajaiims, video summary of our collaborative research with ICR/Royal Marsden, TJU and others, targeting p300/CBP. @OncoAlert https://t.co/jinw5TNPny pic.twitter.com/qu2tdLFRcL

Great to have Kate joining the team as our clinical trial activity expands; patient numbers, countries. CCS1477 to treat specific cancers. pic.twitter.com/ulQfCxvVH0

The pandemic has triggered a rethink on many aspects of operating clinical trials. Great to listen in to the FT’s thought discussion... pic.twitter.com/m72WZsvbS6