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IGR site open. Delighted to work with the world leading cancer centre, expanding capacity to treat specific tumours with our first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor. pic.twitter.com/5WiestKZ6b

Many thanks Richard A Stein and @genengnews for featuring novel epigenetic related therapies, incl CellCentric’s CCS1477: genengnews.com/topics/transla… pic.twitter.com/pqzLitCbRc

p300/CBP inhibition to treat haem cancers. Many thanks to our collaborators at CRUK Manchester Cancer Institute @CRUK_MI See: cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/9h72Yd1QaU

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#ASH21 Poster: CCS1477, first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, to treat haem malignancies (AML, lymphomas exemplified): see: cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/AGxd92D5qh

Another busy, interesting day ahead. Scientists and clinicians striving to deliver benefit to patients with the complex breadth of haem malignancies. #ASH21 pic.twitter.com/cVokYp3W4K

We’re in Atlanta. #ASH21 p300/CBP inhibition: a new way to treat multiple haem malignancies; MM, AML, lymphomas. pic.twitter.com/mSMwDYZ2vu