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CellCentric in Dublin this week: ENA 2018, Molecular Targets and Therapeutics. pic.twitter.com/AA31a7l8nX

CellCentric’s first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, CCS1477, for prostate and haem cancers. cellcentric.com/ccs1477/ pic.twitter.com/MJmUe2T45i

CellCentric’s CEO, Will, today at the annual @ConsiliumHC conference, London. cellcentric.com pic.twitter.com/fWukVudfV5

Meet the CellCentric core team (plus Thea, our FD): cellcentric.com/company/team/. Developing CCS1477 for prostate and other cancers. pic.twitter.com/QqTVzWzSFU

CellCentric out and about Q4 2018. Dublin & London next week, then ASH, San Diego. JPM 2019 early next year. pic.twitter.com/AUaHNNIYV6

CellCentric has a deep foundation in the research of epigenetics. Company history: cellcentric.com/company/histor… pic.twitter.com/QMhGT7sLHD

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