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New clinical site, Newcastle/Ruth Plummer now also dosing CCS1477. Cohort 2 ongoing. pic.twitter.com/gMZz8lt76a

Will, Neil & Nigel in San Francisco. CCS1477 for late stage prostate cancer, also for haems (AML, MM, NHL). pic.twitter.com/iEVtp1ysxH

CCS1477 in the clinic for late stage prostate cancer; this year also for haems (MM, AML, NHL). pic.twitter.com/QA9V9joEzR

Looking forward to JPM 2019, January 6-10th. More on CellCentric and its team: cellcentric.com/company/team/ pic.twitter.com/rUgwtHoV92

Cohort 2 of CCS1477’s prostate clinical trial now open. Haem study (AML, MM, NHL) to start early 2019. pic.twitter.com/eO9YlPGZxf

CCS1477 selected as a New Drug on the Horizon, AACR 2019, Atlanta. cellcentric.com/ccs1477/ pic.twitter.com/02zS0b0bD9

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