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Delighted that Jess joins the team today. CellCentric continues to expand operationally, supporting the progress of novel cancer drug CCS1477. pic.twitter.com/UesOOyYEHs

As well as prostate & haem cancer trials, CCS1477 is being evaluated to treat tumours with specific molecular drivers. #ESMO2021 poster: cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/fn3egb9bXh

EMSO 2021 later this week. CCS1477: first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, in the clinic to treat specific cancers. #ESMO21 pic.twitter.com/hK9wHArl37

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CellCentric at the @BIA_UK tonight. Long time supporters of a great organisation that plays a pivotal role in catalysing the power of UK bioscience. pic.twitter.com/7aM6wONLPZ

As our clinical programmes build, so does our senior leadership team; finance and clinical development strategy. See: cellcentric.com/company/team/ pic.twitter.com/GHlDffkU5A

Further scale up; clinical trial approvals now in 4 EU countries, on top of UK & US. CCS1477, first-in-class drug to treat specific cancers. pic.twitter.com/UwH8d2Bx6F