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As patient recruitment re-starts into our 3 strands of clinical trial activity, a big thank you to the wider team, during these tricky few months. pic.twitter.com/n5NkipRoh0

Great to see UK clinical trials restarting cautiously, as C-19 lockdown begins to ease. Providing options for late stage cancer patients. pic.twitter.com/Oddz6yNeRn

Good to be back in the Cambridge office today, with the appropriate precautions. @ChesterfordRP pic.twitter.com/advWYvEgnf

CCS1477, first of its kind p300/CBP inhibitor. Prevents transcription of key cancer driving genes, and turnover of cancer signalling proteins. pic.twitter.com/wC7Hhqi5Tx

From p300/CBP as a new cancer therapeutic target, through to specific patient populations to treat. Our blogs: cellcentric.com/updates/blog-n… pic.twitter.com/ZP2C5uChX9

We’ve a new blog on why targeting p300/CBP is relevant to treating specific cancer types: cellcentric.com/updates/blog-n… pic.twitter.com/s4cXggagjT

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