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CellCentric’s CCS1477 pre-clinical data has been presented at multiple key conferences. See: cellcentric.com/ccs1477/Public… pic.twitter.com/BE4Ms5Yiwf

Abstracts accepted! Looking forward to #ASH19. CCS1477 first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, in clinical trials. pic.twitter.com/BnXdB9AALL

CCS1477 is the first of its kind; p300/CBP inhibitor being trialed in patients to treat prostate and haem cancers. pic.twitter.com/aVFaxIl6Zs

CellCentric in Barcelona: ESMO and clinical development meetings. CCS1477 first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor. pic.twitter.com/TOQ7oMJa37

CellCentric will be at ESMO, PCF Retreat and ASH. CCS1477 in the clinic for prostate & haem cancers. pic.twitter.com/UfMblTEQSR

Nigel, Karen & Tomasz at ESMO 2019 later this week, Barcelona. CCS1477 in trials to treat prostate and haem cancers. pic.twitter.com/7e02RgRAOa

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