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All our recent conference posters on our novel p300/CBP inhibitor CCS1477, can be found on our website: cellcentric.com/ccs1477/Public… pic.twitter.com/Kwu1I9OOyx

First-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor in patients with multiple myeloma, AML/MDS as well as drug resistant prostate cancer. #ASH19 pic.twitter.com/i7S3QyG9X3

Multiple myeloma and AML: pre-clinical efficacy of first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, CCS1477. #ASH19 cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/MWtclABxue

p300/CBP inhibitor data today at #ASH19. First-class CCS1477 to treat multiple myeloma and AML. #ASH19 cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/Ke9QcmKAxN

CCS1477 for multiple myeloma. Superior pre-clinical efficacy over current therapies. #ASH19 cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/mm7d1BJISz

Poster session time at #ASH19. CCS1477 haem clinical trial in progress, Knurowski et al. cellcentric.com/media/uploads/… pic.twitter.com/Qo7KfPZxhk

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