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As we develop our new cancer drug, inobrodib, we listen to patients. Having an oral product that can be taken at home, reducing time spent at hospital, is a big differentiator. pic.twitter.com/DBQfrnrzW9

CellCentric presenting at #ASH22. Exciting Phase I data treating RR multiple myeloma, and other haems. Inobrodib: small molecule p300/CBP inhibitor. cellcentric.com/updates/press-… pic.twitter.com/FW3mgZqwx7

Kris and Neil at #PCFRetreat22 Carlsbad CA, meeting our international clinical collaborators. Inobrodib being trialled to treat mCRPC. pic.twitter.com/8KSTk2MI8v

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CellCentric will be attending the International Myeloma Society - FDA joint meeting, 8-9 Nov. The future of MM drug development. pic.twitter.com/oCWBtO7VCv

It’s #PCFRetreat22. Neil & Kris from CellCentric attending. Inobrodib, first in class p300/CBP inhibitor, in phase II mCRPC clinical trials. pic.twitter.com/35HI5oozKU

Team at @SygnatureDiscov today, our excellent long term partners. Talk: From Molecule to Medicine. Inobrodib, making a difference to people with cancer. pic.twitter.com/kxLGW6YJT4