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Regulatory approval in Spain. CCS1477 clinical trials now authorised in UK, US & 4 EU countries. Scale up in place for expansions on multiple fronts. pic.twitter.com/Me4yIHURAI

Delighted that Piers will be joining as CFO, bringing deep private & public finance experience. Maintaining momentum in developing CCS1477. cellcentric.com/company/team/p… pic.twitter.com/nzW95S9Bvt

Epigenetic-related targets coming of age, particularly for novel cancer therapeutics. CellCentric’s Research Dir, Neil attending latest conference… pic.twitter.com/Cj8YBZ9rPp

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Fabulous to have UCL adding to our clinical haem programme: CCS1477 first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor to treat blood cancers (MM, AML, lymphomas). pic.twitter.com/SOYtD9PQOV

Second IND approval from FDA in as many months. Full clinical prog in UK now mirrored in US. Fabulous progress, great team effort. pic.twitter.com/bjW3v9NtW9

CellCentric’s first-in-class cancer drug CCS1477 inhibits twin proteins p300/CBP. This impacts the activation of certain genes important to cancer. pic.twitter.com/wSXeFKTpRv