Andrew Hughes

Non-Executive Director, Board Member

Andrew joined the CellCentric team as the company’s Chief Development Advisor in December 2019 and transitioned to Non-Executive Director on the Board in May 2022.

Andrew Hughes was Professor of experimental cancer medicine team at The University of Manchester, and previously clinical head of the Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, one of the largest Phase 1 units in the UK.

Previously Andrew was Global VP of early clinical development at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals leading over 50 research and early clinical development programmes of novel candidate drugs. Within oncology, these included ‘cytotoxics’ such as the Thymidylate Synthase inhibitor Tomudex; ‘hormonal’ agents including Arimidex; ‘targeted’ agents such as the PARP inhibitor Olaparib; and the EGFR inhibitors Iressa and Tagrisso. This latter programme included co-developing a companion diagnostic based on circulating free DNA (cfDNA). The Tagrisso development was also completed from first-in-human to registration in 2.5 years setting an industry record and exemplifying what can be done with both innovative trial design and clear line of sight to registration based on strong biological rationale.

Andrew graduated with double first in medical sciences at Cambridge, spending 3 years as a Tutor in Physiology and Bye-fellow of Downing College, Cambridge, whilst completing a PhD in behavioural neuroendocrinology in the Department of Anatomy. He subsequently practised general clinical medicine in Manchester’s teaching hospitals in the UK, joining Zeneca in 1994. He was approved by the Resuscitation Council (UK) as a director in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and served on the board of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, UK, having the responsibility for the clinical pharmacology revision module for those physicians sitting the Diploma of Pharmaceutical Medicine. He is a former member of the board of NCRI and the editorial committee for Annals of Oncology and previously on the Steering Committee for the FDA Biomarkers Consortium. He previously served on CRUK’s Biomarkers evaluation research panel, New Agents Committee and Centre for Drug Development.