Collaboration with leading centres of excellence

Collaboration has been at the heart of CellCentric’s approach to research, and now also for clinical development.

Prostate cancer

CellCentric continues to work with multiple leading international academic researchers and clinicians on translational biology.

For prostate cancer, this includes Johann de Bono (Royal Marsden Hospital/Institute of Cancer Research) and Karen Knudsen (Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia). Other collaborators include; Lisa Butler (University of Adelaide), Peter Nelson (Fred Hutch, Seattle), Luke Gaughan (University of Newcastle) and Xiaoqi Liu (University of Kentucky).

Additionally, inobrodib has been the focus of a significant award from the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Haematological malignancies

For haematological malignancies, translational collaborators include Tim Somervaille (CRUK Manchester Institute, The Christie Hospital), Laura Pasqualucci (Columbia University, New York), Leif Bergsagel (Mayo Clinic, Phoenix) Mhairi Copland (University of Glasgow) and Sara Meyer (TJU, Philadelphia).