CCS1477 is the first p300/CBP bromodomain inhibitor to be used in patients

  • In prostate cancer, CCS1477, unlike other agents, down-regulates not just the androgen receptor (AR), but also AR splice variants. These are important in the innate or acquired resistance to existing treatments. 
  • CCS1477 has an unusual duration of effect in pre-clinical models. Tumour stasis is sustained far beyond cessation of drug administration, and even after there is no drug remaining in circulation. Tumours are, in effect, reprogrammed to a degree.
  • By targeting the bromodomain of p300/CBP, CCS1477 has a different profile from other agents in discovery that target the catalytic HAT domain.
  • There are other drugs that target bromodomains. However, CCS1477 is highly specific for p300/CBP and thus has a different profile to BET inhibitor drugs. It is active in cancer cell lines that are resistant to BET inhibitors (JQ1, OTX-15, iBET-151).
  • In breadth-of-efficacy cell panel testing, CCS1477 has a very specific effect on clusters of cancer types, rather than being generally cytotoxic.
  • Unlike many other cancer agents in development, CCS1477 has the potential to be used as a monotherapy for multiple applications, not just in combination with existing agents.
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