Andrew Saunders

Chief Medical Officer, Linden Oncology. Formerly Lilly and Roche

Andrew Saunders has worked in oncology since 1992, in both clinical practice and the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He has extensive experience in all aspects and phases of oncology drug development. He has held positions of increasing responsibility including Clinical Research Physician at Eli-Lilly & company and Global Clinical Science Leader for Rituximab at Hoffman-La Roche.

Andrew is also Chief Medical Officer to Lytix Biopharma, Norway. Prior to that he both founded and acts as Managing Director of Linden Oncology Limited, a consultancy providing strategic and clinical development oncology expertise to biotech and pharmaceutical companies globally. Andrew obtained his medical degree from Trinity College Dublin, Rep. of Ireland in 1989 and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Royal College of Physicians, London, U.K.